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Design hooks the eyes, words hook the mind and good words count.

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Digital and print copywriting, anywhere you need text I will uncover your primary message

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Whether its an article piece for web or a white paper, a brief meeting to share the facts and I will generate the editorial promptly

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What works in print won't work online, I'm a Generalist and offer both optimised web content and print content

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Perhaps you have the Copy already and it just needs a little polish; corrected, amended and returned promptly - thats how I work

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Creative Writing

I'm happiest in between the sentences. A wordsmith at heart, let me draft that article, craft that website and engage the reader

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Always quick

Meticulously written

Story delivered

LOVE WORDS..............

What Our Clients Say

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Quote & Curate got to the heart of the message we wanted to deliver on our new platform, Angela nailed it first time.

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