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Inspiring fine art workshop setup

Fine Art Workshops

Enhance your artistic skills with our Fine Art Workshops at Quote & Curate, located in the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour. Whether you're exploring watercolours or mastering still life drawing, artist Angela Murray will guide you through immersive sessions designed to refine your technique and awaken your creativity. Join us to experience our luxury art collection and fine art curation in an inspiring setting.

Watercolour Workshop

Painting with watercolour is one of the most immersive and therapeutic forms of fine art.

Whether you are seeking an art class for wellbeing or to enhance your skills, the Watercolour Workshop based within my studio at Chelsea Harbour, is the perfect class.

Located in the heart of the Design Centre, you will be working one to one with me as I guide you through an introduction to watercolour pigment and the specific papers and materials included within the class.

Using techniques around brushwork, paint application and considerations on composition, you will create a landscape which will be complete and ready to take home at the end of the workshop.

The class runs for 2hrs with all materials and refreshments provided.

Vibrant watercolour workshop materials
Still life drawing setup with detailed objects

Drawing Workshop - Mastering Still Life

Drawing is a fundamental skill when creating any composition, mastering drawing skills is something you will rely on again and again when painting and this workshop focuses on the elements used when creating a still life composition.

Based within my studio at the beautiful Design Centre Chelsea Harbour,  I will guide you through your own composition and the key areas of form and colour.

You will be drawing a still life and then using a range of materials, completing it in specific colours, ultimately completing two workshop drawings which reveal the difference in tonal value and how you perceive the shapes and objects in front of you.


This is an incredibly relaxing class, as you lose yourself in the process of drawing while being guided every step of the way.

The class runs for 2hrs with all materials and refreshments provided.

Advanced studio painting masterclass

Studio Painting Masterclass

Explore a comprehensive range of artistic techniques with our exclusive one-to-one masterclass at Quote & Curate, set within the inspirational Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Over four days, you will dedicate four hours each day to mastering the fundamentals of drawing and exploring various subjects like landscapes, seascapes, still life, and interior painting.


Utilising diverse mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal, you will produce a significant body of work. This holistic masterclass is designed to enrich both novices and seasoned artists, providing all materials and refreshments for a truly wonderful learning experience.

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